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It Is Time To Plan Your Estate

At Rees, Kincaid, and Stanfield, we would like to point out the various considerations about “Estate Planning” and a few general ways to handle them. At times it is simplified to make a point. Each person’s situation is different, and it deserves individual attention. What follows is an overview, and it is not intended as a substitute for advice from a qualified attorney. It may, however, aid you in becoming more precise about your concerns and your situation.

We know you care about your family and being able to ensure that you are not leaving them with a stressful situation is essential to you. We are here to put your estate in order, leaving your loved ones without the stress of sorting out your affairs. Our attorneys are here to ensure that this process is completed in a timely and orderly fashion by planning the right distribution of your assets, property, and wealth.

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Advance Directive for Healthcare
  • Advance Directive for Mental Healthcare
  • Medical Releases
  • Avoiding Probate


If you are looking to set up a will to make sure that your property and assets, both real and personal, are divided between the benefactors of your choice, Reece, Kincaid & Stanfield can help you with your estate planning. We have over 66 years of estate planning experience.


An Estate can be hard to understand and plan by oneself. Legally there are many different meanings of an estate. If you are looking for some direction and understanding of creating an estate  Rees, Kincaid, and Stanfield will help with careful and detailed Estate Planning


It is our job to help you when it comes to setting up a trust. We can put all of your affairs in the right type of trust to fit your needs. With Rees, Kincaid, and Stanfield estate planning, it is our job to ensure that your wealth and property are managed with the right trust for you.

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